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All quotes that are lovely and meant to make us feel better about getting and looking older, but let’s get real here - if we had the choice NOT to look older, most of us would jump and grab it with two hands.

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Your skin is the largest organ in (or on) your body, and as such it’s an essential element to be taken care of. We try to look after our other organs as best we can; our hearts, lungs, liver, and so on all come under close scrutiny. But when we notice our skin isn’t looking or feeling so healthy, a lot of the time we’ll chalk it up to a bad night’s sleep or eating too much bad food and leave it at that.
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“Be good to your skin, you’re going to be wearing it for the rest of your life.” Why should you invest in the perfect skincare routine? Your skin performs many functions, it acts as a barrier from harmful external materials...
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