Causes of Sensitive Skin and How to Combat Them

Skin Care Routine For Sensitive Skin Lady In The Sun

if you’ve got sensitive skin, it might seem like you’re always living in fear of irritation, dryness and breakouts.
This can also mean you’re reluctant to try new products that could cause redness or sting as soon as you apply them.
So what should you do? The first step is to understand the causes of sensitive skin on the face. Then you need to put together a skin care routine for sensitive skin that works with you, not against you.
We’re going to look at both those issues in our article. So if you want to know how to manage your sensitive skin once and for all, read on!

What causes sensitive skin?

The causes of sensitive skin on the face are many. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.


Dry skin means sensitive skin, which can be tight, itchy and red. It typically flares up in winter when the air is less humid and your indoor environment is overheated. Or it could be that you’re not drinking enough water to keep you hydrated inside and out. Don’t underestimate the importance of water when it comes to your skin health!


You can develop sensitive skin because of an allergy. This is when your immune system works overtime to protect your body from a perceived threat. It produces special cells called T-cells as part of this mechanism, but it can also mean that you end up with irritated and sensitive skin.

Irritating chemicals

This is one of the main causes of many skin problems and especially sensitive skin. When your skin comes into contact with harsh chemicals found in detergents, make-up and skin care products, you may get contact dermatitis. This is your skin’s reaction to irritating substances, resulting in inflammation and redness.

Other causes

We’ve just touched on the causes of sensitive skin here. Other factors like ageing, medication and hormonal changes can also lead to dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

How do I combat the causes of sensitive skin?

The key to combatting the causes of sensitive skin is to first recognise and avoid your triggers if possible.
The other essential thing you should be doing is to establish a gentle but effective skin care routine for sensitive skin. Choose products that are free of harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. Simple, natural ingredients are the best. Here’s a typical routine that will work for sensitive skin:

Step one: Gentle cleansing

Get rid of impurities with a gentle cleanser that will both soothe and decongest your skin. Look for natural plant extracts that won’t strip your skin of its essential oil barrier. The white willow bark extract in our gentle gel cleanser does exactly this, working in perfect harmony with your skin.

Step two: Add a hydrating serum

After cleansing, add a few drops of a hydrating serum to your skin to give it an instant moisture boost. This added layer of protection will minimise the risk of breakouts due to sensitivity. Try our serum packed with hyaluronic acid, found naturally in the body to hold moisture and plump up your skin. Our formula is stripped back, light and won’t leave a sticky feeling like other products of the same nature, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Step three: Finish with moisture

A simple daily moisturiser will keep your skin barrier smooth and hydrated and won’t irritate you. Choose one that locks in moisture and protects the skin like our Daily Face Moisturiser, full of natural ingredients like aloe vera and rosehip oil to soothe sensitive skin while providing much needed nourishment to replenish your skin.

Be kind to your sensitive skin

There are lots of things out there that can trigger your sensitive skin. Whatever the cause, you’ll want to get started on a natural routine that will work in synch with your skin.
So be kind to your skin and avoid products loaded with irritating chemicals. In addition to a gentle and natural skin care regime, keep hydrated and follow a healthy diet. All these small steps will add up to a big change in how your skin looks and feels.
Take the first step to combatting the causes of sensitive skin on the face by browsing our range of vegan products. Drawing on nature’s bounty, they’re the gentle way to nourish sensitive skin.

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