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My skin has never felt better, I’ve been getting compliments non stop since I started using your skincare products, thank you Fether Beauty.


Fan Skincare Set Subscriber

My skin feels soft & refreshed. Also these products smell sooooo good!


Friend Skincare Set Subscriber

I wanted to use products that would help rejuvenate my skin, so I tried the fether skincare. I was surprised how nourished and plum my skin felt after only a couple of weeks!


Fanatic Skincare Set Subscriber

My favourite product from my FAN set was the exfoliating mask. My skin felt extremely smooth after just one use! I personally don’t like jojoba bead cleansers and Fether’s exfoliation scrub was bead-free & very easy to apply and use, with fantastic results.


Fan Skincare Set Subscriber

The gel cleanser smells like a fruit salad! I have tried different cleansers in the past but nothing has left my skin non oily and smooth like this one. Definitely can’t wait for my refill to arrive next month!


Friend Skincare Set Subscriber

The Fether Serum is by far the BESTTTT serum I have ever used. My skin feels amazing and my skin looks 10 years younger. So glad I found this skin care range


Fanatic Skincare Set Subscriber

My face feels so light and fresh after I wash it with the fether gel cleanser. And apparently it has antibacterial effects, so that’s a bonus I guess.


Fan Skincare Set Subscriber

These sets are such good value for premium skin care products. The eye cream is my fav. Smells like cucumber!


Fanatic Skincare Set Subscriber

This moisturiser from Fether is seriously AMAZING! It smells like heaven. I can’t imagine ever using any other product after using this one. My skin feels so soft and hydrated after I put it on


Friend Skincare Set Subscriber

It’s been 3 weeks and I have to say, my skin is feeling ALOT more smoother after switching over from my last brand. The toner smells like oranges and I also love that it is alcohol-free as it doesn’t irritate my skin after use like so many other toners I have tried before


Fan Skincare Set Subscriber

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