Do Your Pores Stare Back at You in the Mirror? How to Shrink Them

Do Your Pores Stare Back at You in the Mirror? How to Shrink Them

Everyone has pores on their face. In fact, they’re present on nearly every part of your skin. That’s because they carry out essential functions like releasing sweat to cool you down or oil to keep the skin lubricated.

While there’s no doubt that we couldn’t function without our pores, sometimes they’re not so easy to love. If they’re enlarged, your skin can take on a pitted “orange peel” appearance that can make you feel self-conscious as soon as you spot them in the mirror.

Your pores might appear larger because that’s the way they are naturally, or they can also appear larger if you’re dehydrated or have slow skin cell turnover.
Whatever the reason, don’t despair— we struggled ourselves for years, however, there are lots of ways you can shrink your pores using simple and effective methods. Take a look below at what we’ve learnt.

The value of a great skincare routine

Let’s start with the basics: a simple but effective skincare routine. Cleansing should always be its cornerstone, especially if you suffer from enlarged pores. When dirt or old makeup is left on your skin, it can sink deep into the pores, stretching them so that they appear bigger and even, darker.

The first gentle step

Choosing a cleanser can be hard. We suggest using a gel cleanser, as they are especially effective at unclogging pores and removing acne causing bacteria. If you have have sensitive skin opt for something that is gentle on the skin, with no harsh chemicals and all natural ingredients as the first step in your regime. The Fether Gentle Gel Cleanser is ideal, packed with natural yet powerful ingredients like white willow bark and fruit enzymes. This Gentle Gel Cleanser works hard to purify and exfoliate your skin and reducing the appearance of pores without stripping it.

Give your skin an extra boost by using our Pink Clay Mask after cleansing. This mineral-rich Australian pink clay mask draws out even the most stubborn impurities to deeply cleanse your pores. Its exfoliating action not only buffs away dirt and impurities but also removes dead cells and encourages skin cell renewal, giving your complexion a fresher appearance with reduced pores.

Set the tone

Toner’s an optional post-cleansing step that can remove any excess oil and leftover dirt from the surface of your skin while lifting impurities out of those pores. The result is deeply cleansed pores and squeaky clean skin, perfectly primed for that all-important moisturising step.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

When your skin is dehydrated, it over-produces sebum to compensate, with the result that your pores become enlarged and more obvious.

So take control and opt for a daily face moisturiser that will offer deep hydration while creating a barrier to lock in moisture and keep out impurities. Remember that effective moisturisation plumps up the skin, enhancing the look of your pores and giving it an overall more youthful look.

What else can I do to minimise the appearance of my pores?

This simple yet effective skincare routine should form the basis of your quest to reduce your pore size.

You should also nourish your skin from the inside out by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and including lots of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will safeguard your skin from environmental damage and encourage cell renewal for a fresh complexion—see more about Vitamin C.

And don’t forget the sunscreen. Sun damage is your skin’s worst enemy and will only serve to accentuate any imperfections like enlarged pores, so make sure you add a good sunscreen as your final step.

It’s really that simple!

See? It really is that simple to keep on top of your clogged pores or enlarged pores using just a selection of products to keep your skin cleansed, hydrated and primed for whatever comes its way.

Just as long as you’re consistent with caring for your skin and your general wellbeing, you can expect fresh, healthy-looking skin in a few simple steps.

For a pure and natural approach to skincare, try our range of 100% vegan and cruelty free skincare products. Designed to work with nature, they’re the gentle way to achieving great looking skin.

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