Don't Skip Face Oil This Autumn: Here's Why

Don't Skip Face Oil This Autumn: Here's Why

Why Make Face Oil Your New Autumn Addiction?

Have you ever wondered why moisturising matters and why your skin may seem dryer come Autumn? Simply put, keeping your skin moisturised and supple is especially important during the cooler months and dryer weather as your skin is unable to attract as much moisture from the air. To do so is not only important, but it can also be quite challenging. Read on to find out why face oil might just be the solution and why it will become such a must-have in your seasonal skincare regimen.

Banish Dryness

It goes without saying that oil effectively combats dryness, a problem that 90% of all skincare products try to solve. However, contrary to popular belief, face oils don't actually provide hydration themselves. Their job is to help replenish the skin's natural protection barrier. This barrier is usually depleted during the dryer months, leading to a loss of moisture and dryer skin. This is where face oils shine. By acting as the barrier as mentioned above, they not only protect the skin, they effectively seal in any moisture you provide the skin. See the differences between oil or serum versus a lotion for further information.

Remember that saltwater can take its toll if you are game enough to spend your mornings swimming at the beach in the cooler months. Even though saltwater is said to have various health benefits, it can also be incredibly harsh and can leave your skin dry and depleted.

Restore Glow

The cooler month blues apply to more than just your mood. As we mentioned, your skin may be prone to dryness during cooler weather, and, like it or not, dry skin is as uncomfortable as it is unappealing. Not only is dry skin susceptible to flaking or tightness, but it also tends to look sallow or lacklustre.

Avoid looking washed out, and give your skin some visual vigour by incorporating face oil into your routine. Because face oils are emollients, they can give your face visible and immediate results by replenishing the skin's healthy glow; they can even be used as an easy makeup-free and natural-looking highlighter!

Repair Damage

Let's face it: the sun does a number on our faces. Especially as Aussies, we're no strangers to beautiful weather or sun-damaged skin. Even though the sun in Autumn may not seem as fierce, don't forget the sun can still harm your skin! The good news is it's possible to enjoy the great outdoors while staying on top of skin health. That's because plant oils have been shown to repair sun-kissed skin, according to a 2020 study by H.N.B. Garhwal University.

Not sure what that means for your next Sunday exploring the great outdoors? Think of plant oils like those included in our Anti-Ageing Vitamin E Oil as your get-out-of-jail-free card. Of course, there's no miracle cure to erase sun damage completely. That said, you can walk the line between beauty and time in the sun with our take on the best oil for face restoration.

Spruce Up Makeup

Have you ever tried to apply makeup to dry skin or a blemished area? If so, you know it's anything but simple. Face oil helps keep your skin smooth, so the foundation is easier to apply. Oil fights flaking and dryness, but it also ensures a healthy epidermis that's super supple.

The other thing to consider is your face as a palette. The skin contains natural oils, not unlike those found in makeup ingredients. If you've ever wondered why powdered foundations or blush don't adhere to the skin, it's because oils attract while powder falls flat. Give your skin what it wants by indulging in natural moisturisers.

Reduce Wrinkles

Some say that age is just a number — though skin tells a different story. Whether wrinkles are a sign of wisdom or a life well-lived, minimising their appearance is definitely something we are all looking for. Using a face oil with ingredients like Gotu KAola on a regular basis encourages skin elasticity, collagen production and fights pigmentation. This not only promotes a more youthful appearance but will give you the skin-fidence to step out come summertime, looking fresher than ever!

Final Thoughts

If healthy skin is what you're looking for, or you simply want to tackle autumn skin woes head-on, keep the face oil coming. While your skincare routine can remain simple, by adding one more step, you can achieve skin appearance and skin health you may not have thought was possible. Whether it's fighting dryness, restoring glow, or reducing wrinkles that you're interested in, we've got just the thing: face oil!. If you have any other questions or comments, are looking for the best oil for your face or anything other skin related queries, we'd love to help, in the meantime, we wish you the best on your skincare journey and hope to see you soon!


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